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Wholesale tubestock

Windyridge Nursery website is undergoing some changes.

Due to an increase in the use of mobile devices 
our Grevillea website will be reconstructed
and become a responsive website.

 Our wholesale Tubestock website will be discontinued
and customers will be asked to use our Grevillea website to
view photos and information about plants.

All 50mm tubes are priced by species.
We do not supply all the plants listed on
our Grevilleas website in 50mm tubestock.

Please use the form below to contact us
for a species list and availability list
or phone: 07 5484 3096

Windyridge Nursery, located SW of Gympie, QLD
Owned and operated by Colin & Catherine Robinson.

We are a small wholesale propagation nursery with an established reputation
within the industry for supplying top quality tubestock.

We specialise mainly in hybrid Grevilleas and a few other species.
All plants are produced from cuttings, not seed.

Our tubestock is distributed by courier to nurseries and landscape customers
from Northern QLD to Victoria.

Please do not hesitate to Contact us for prices and availability.

50mm tubestock Minimum order
is 3 trays - 270 tubes

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